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The 2024 Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit
will Feature an Art Exhibition and a Performance Showcase!

We're thrilled that in addition to 80+ speakers, this year's conference will include an art show featuring dozens of local artists, along with a performance showcase featuring three groups of dance and spoken word artists. The exhibition is curated by local artists Devan Horton and Sarah Richard and includes a variety of paintings, sculptures and interactive, participatory art installations. 


"This exhibition is a direct reflection of this year's themes, bringing an artistic visualization to a call for action." - Devan Horton

Performance Showcase
4:30-5:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom
  • Group Spoken Word Performance
    featuring Tony Staubach, Alan Wight, Shannon Carr and Marliee Hill

    • This work is a celebration of soil, seed, sun, water, planting and harvesting. Our words pay homage to those who plant, garden, farm, and prepare and serve our food. This meditation for community health shares our love of food, love of community, love of each other, and our love for growing gardens and relationships. We call for action! Grow the good green blue Earth, cultivate the gardens, tend the food forests, rebuild the communal gathering spaces, bring back the neighborhood potluck, and re-invigorate the commons!​

  • Elementz Performance
    featuring Noah Hawes, with Camille Jones and Anaya Ni'Kole 

    • The songs to be performed are about striving for greatness -- emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and creative. The songs inspire us to take action to achieve the goal of being great in those areas, while acknowledging the various obstacles that will be faced on the journey. Alongside the rap performance, there will be two dancers adding a visual component to the music.

  • Pones Performance
    featuring Lucía Duque, Kim Popa, Ian Timothy Forsgren, and Darnell Pierre Benjamin, and spoken word by Camille Jones

    • Pones' immersive experience combines live installation, dance, videography, and spoken word to address climate justice. Dancers, adorned in unique costumes fashioned from repurposed materials, will begin as models throughout the event. Attendees will be prompted to reflect on their aspirations and plans for climate justice in their communities, and their responses will be transcribed onto tags affixed to the dancers' attire. Later, these visions will be brought to life through a dynamic performance featuring spoken word, dance, and videography.

Additional spoken word performance earlier in the program by:
  • Desirae Hosley aka The Silent Poet​​

Art Show
on display throughout the day

2D Art by:

  • Dyah Miller 

  • Tom Conway

  • Abriljoanna Huerta

  • Gabrielle Siekman 

  • Kelsy Gray 

  • Megan K. Meehan-Dorr

  • Jessica N. Gray 

  • Madelyn McArthur

  • Devan Horton

  • Butler Tech Green Engineering Students: 

    • Calla Bingham ​

    • Bea Haggard

    • Ansu Rai 

    • Angie Ramirez

3D Art by:

  • Abby Friend

  • Amy Gable & Jennifer Brewer (Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub)

  • Sarah Kent 

  • Hannah Neff

  • Carrie Bertschy 

  • Sarah Richard

  • Jillian Campagna

  • Amanda Purnell, Amber Rose Ostaszewski, Emily Kichler, and Anna Kiss Mauser-Martinez (Rustbelt Fibershed)

Interactive Art by:
  • Rachel Cranmer

  • Melissa McDonald

  • Charlotte Reed 

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