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The 2023 Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit
will Feature an Expanded Art Exhibition!

We're thrilled that in addition to 80+ speakers, this year's conference will include an expanded art show featuring dozens of local artists. The exhibition is curated by local artists Devan Horton and Sarah Richard and will feature a variety of paintings, sculptures, sustainable fashion, and interactive, participatory art installations - including a virtual reality space where attendees can visualize potential on-road bicycle infrastructure transformations in Northern Kentucky! 


“With such an action-packed day and so much information to take in, I believe the artwork will help attendees process all that information and keep them inspired as they move throughout the day.” - Devan Horton

“Art can be a transformative tool for community organizing around the climate crisis. To go beyond seeing this work as just a problem to what positive possibilities there are when we come together is an inspiring opportunity.” - Sarah Richard 


Join us as we Imagine What's Possible!

Featured Artists:
  • Karen Boone

  • Zoe Codd

  • Lycia Cromer

  • Linda Erzinger

  • Abby Friend

  • Amy Gable

  • Sara Kollig

  • Lyndsey Paynter

  • Connie L. Vice

Sustainable Fashion by:
  • Rust Belt Fibershed

Interactive exhibits by:
  • Scott Holzman and dpict

  • Abby Friend

Virtual reality installation by:
  • Chris Collins and University of Cincinnati Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments 

Spoken word performances by:
  • Tony Staubach

  • Lily Botsyoe

Dance performance by:
  • Sagar Lalla and Amber Rose Greaney

Selected works from Cincinnati's Foodshed: An Art Atlas, featuring:
  • Thi Tran, Braden Trauth, and Alan Wight

  • Andrea Ticnor, Tevis Foreman, and the Produce Perks Team

  • Jamie & Les Stoneham

  • Jeb Brack, Jim Matt, Dennis Kramer-Wine, Jack Martin, Mitch Dougherty, Brian Sprance, and Alan Wight

  • Dustin Bowen and Groundwork Ohio River Valley

  • Sandra Gross, Francis Kroner, Emma Cotter, and the Sleepy Bee Team

  • Francis Kroner, Emma Cotter, and Astrid Gross-Hutton

  • Michaela Oldfield, Alan Wight, and Julia Glenn

  • Katie Jacobs, Michelle Balz, Tony Staubach, and Alan Wight

  • Wendy and Emily Silvius

  • Ross Towin, AlisonJo Lester, and the ish community

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