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How will Green Umbrella’s online event work?

The virtual event platform we are using for Green Umbrella is called Hopin. As an attendee, you’ll be able to move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections throughout. The Hopin platform includes a mainstage, sessions, expo, networking opportunities and more!

To access the event from your desktop, simply log into your account at Please use either Chrome or Firefox.

To use the mobile app, download the Hopin app, search for the Midwest Regional Sustainability
Summit and use the email you used to register for the Summit to sign into the app. Once you're
signed in, you should be taken directly to the event.

Here are some helpful tips for using Hopin. If you run into any issues please check out the
Hopin User Manual. If you need further technical assistance, you can contact Hopin support by
submitting a ticket or emailing

Hopin: The Event Platform

Hopin is an online events platform that helps us create engaging virtual events that connect people around the globe.


Interactive Sessions

  •  Tune in live from your device.

  •  Connect and network with other attendees

  •  Live chat function to interact and ask questions

  •  Invite other attendees for a live video call

  •  All speaker sessions will be recorded

Connections & Networking

  •  Build your profile, link your social media accounts.

  •  Networking can be via live chat, as well as live video.

  •  Discover new opportunities for collaboration.


Check out Hopin's attendee tutorial below:


How is Hopin different from other video conferencing platforms?

Hopin is built for live coaching and virtual training workshops that are actually relationally interactive. From tickets to moderated discussions to Expo areas, Hopin makes it easy for people to gather together, learn, and grow in knowledge, skills, and relationships.

How do I make a Hopin profile?

When you first create a Hopin account, you'll be prompted to fill out your profile information. This account needs to be filled out to join an event.

If you can't finish this process, or run into any errors, close the browser, reopen the browser, and return to

Click "My Account."

And go to "Profile" on the lefthand menu.

You can complete your profile information here and can join an event thereafter.

Which browsers work best?

The latest versions of Chrome or Firefox guarantee the best experience. Please avoid any Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge since these browsers lack the modern web technologies support necessary for online events to run in a web browser. The common issues Hopin receives from its users are related to an outdated web browser and operating system. Please note that Hopin recommends only the latest version of Chrome and Firefox. For the operating system, Windows 10 updated to the latest available version (for PC) and OS X Catalina or Mojave updated to the latest available version (for Mac). Safari and IE lack the support needed for live video events.

Note: Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience of blocking some of the Hopin interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome or Private tab (command+Shift+P for macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows) on Firefox.


How can I network with other attendees using Hopin?

Utilize the “Networking” space

The Networking segment on Hopin is pure engagement and is similar to one-on-one meetings on a FaceTime call. This segment is designed to recreate the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or watercooler chats that are important at an in-person event. The Networking area automates the discovery of new connections. When an attendee participates in the Networking, they are matched with a random attendee and meet for a set time preset by the organizer.

Attendees can click the Connect button during a call to exchange contact information and after the event the newly made contacts will appear at page of their individual Profile.

Check out our expo

The Expo area is the virtual exhibitor hall with vendor booths in our event and serves as another great way to network. Click into booths to engage with the company by either group chatting, video-chatting, or direct messaging. 

Direct message using the “People” tab

Anyone can send messages to an individual at a Hopin event via DMs in the People tab. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat within the People tab, click their profile photo, and send a direct message to them.

Will sessions be recorded?

Recordings of the Main Stage and Breakout sessions will all be available for all attendees after the event.

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